Vanbrugh committee

The Vanbrugh Student Association is your elected body of students who look after your interests in Vanbrugh College. We manage college events, student wellbeing, communications and college societies, as well as representing you within the university.

Being part of the committee allows you to make real change to Vanbrugh and to shape the experience of you, your friends, and every Vanbrugh student during their time here. Membership of the committee gives you the chance to be involved in the organisation of a wide range of activities, from our massive events such as Freshers Week and Winter Ball, to smaller victories like gaining wheelchair access to the Warren. We are the only college to have a diverse range of accommodation types.

As well as this, we host weekly events in our college bar, The Vanbrugh Arms, and relaxing activities in the Warren regularly. All of this has contributed to Vanbrugh being the most popular choice of college for incoming Freshers. As a committee member you can help us keep this up!

All of this is planned and run by students of Vanbrugh College, so that we can make our college the best it can be for ourselves and our collegiate family in the central college in York.

Vanbrugh Committee

Featured image for “Kirsty”


Merch Rep
Hi everyone, I’m Kirsty and I’m one of the merch reps for Vanbrugh this year. I’m a second year Sociology…
Featured image for “Ashani”


Merch Rep
Hi, I’m Ashani and I’m one of Vanbrugh’s merch reps this year. I am a second year History and Politics…
Featured image for “Nuray”


Hi, my name is Nuray and I’m the treasurer for this year. Here are a few ‘fun’ facts about me:…
Featured image for “Lex”


Hi, I’m Lex, and I’m really excited to be your president this year! My pronouns are he/him and I’m a…
Featured image for “Annabel”


Head of Events
Hi, I’m Annabel and I’m the Head of Events for Vanbrugh this year! I am a second year studying French…
Featured image for “Ben”


Hi, my name is Ben and I am the Head STYM for Vanbrugh College Student Association this year. I am…
Featured image for “Connie”


Head of Sport
Hi, I’m Connie and I’m Vanbrugh Head of Sport for 2022! I’m a first year History student and I play…
Featured image for “Corinne”


International Students Representative
Hi, I’m Corinne and I’m Vanbrugh international students representative for 2022! I’m a second year Education student. This year I…
Featured image for “Eleanor”


Sports Representative
Hi everyone I’m Eleanor and I am one of the sports reps! I want to encourage everyone to take part…
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Eric Milner Representative
Hi everyone I’m Hannah and I’m one half of the eric milner reps for this year. I’m a first year…
Featured image for “Hannah”


Fairfax Representative
Hi! I’m Hannah, a first year Chemist and I’ll be your Fairfax Rep for the coming year. My main goal…
Featured image for “Joelina”


Welbeing Representative
Hi, I’m Joelina and I am one of your Welbeing Reps this year. I would really like to help everyone…
Featured image for “Sadie”


Eric Milner Representative
Hey guys! I’m Sadie and I’m one of the Eric Milner Reps this year! I’m a first year History and…
Featured image for “Tara”


Hi, I’m Tara, I’m a second year Psychology student and I am honoured to be the Secretary of the VSA…
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Head of Wellbeing
Hi! I am Theodor and I will be the Head of Wellbeing this year! I am a second year mathematics…

Get Involved

Want to get involved in our committee and have a say in the student life of Vanbrugh College? We have a selection of roles still vacant, and would love you to join in! It is a very rewarding experience, great on your CV, and a great way to make friends. Use our contact form to find out more about what each role entails and if you’re interested in joining.