Welcome to Vanbrugh Accommodation

In Vanbrugh we have four accommodation blocks available for our 1st year students -Barbara Scott/Donald Barron Court, Eric Milner Court, Fairfax House and Le Page Court. You can find more information on the Uni of York's accommodation page.

Barbara Scott/Donald Barron Court

In the autumn of 2007 the first blocks were opened and it was clear by early January 2008, as the site was finished, that these new courts would set a precedent for University accommodation in years to come. Reflecting the architectural wooden cladding features of the original Bleachfields houses, the new residence blocks, surrounding the old oak tree and sympathetic planting, reflects the peace and quiet of a study retreat but also the community spirit that Vanbrugh College represents. The block made of 12 rooms across two corridors either side of a communal kitchen.

Eric Milner Court

In the Eric Milner-White Court Blocks there are 278 rooms available for undergraduates, with between 18-40 rooms per floor, spread over 3 floors. Situated across the lake from Vanbrugh Nucleus, the blocks are friendly and encompass a communal atmosphere for all of its inhabitants. Built in 1969 it has a long history with the university, as former accommodation for Goodricke College, yet it is now equipped with kitchen refurbishments to make it the social hub throughout the day and evening, even though catered meals are provided.

Fairfax House

Situated a short walk from the main university campus, Fairfax House is Vanbrugh's off-campus block. It has 92 bedrooms for undergraduates and boasts one of the best community spirits in the whole university due to the numerous facilities all residents share such as a large common room, television room, extensive gardens and a study room. Unlike the other university accommodation, Fairfax is not divided into individual flats and all residents can access one another fostering large friendship groups and a more outgoing atmosphere.

Le Page Court

With the redevelopment of Vanbrugh C Block as the new Languages and Linguistics Department, the quad was re-named Le Page Court, after the first Provost, Professor Bob Le Page, in 2008, as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations held by Vanbrugh College. With the History Department taking over the top floor of A Block in 2012, Vanbrugh Le Page Court now hosts just 72 student study-bedrooms of its original 260, but still remains the most popular accommodation in the whole university.